All in all, Trumbo is a good and solid movie to watch but I would rate it more as nice little gem to catch on Netflix if it is out.
The Good
  • Bryan Cranston is just fun to watch
  • Important and interesting story about Hollywood in the McCarthy era
  • Wonderful cast
The Bad
  • Classic case of good not great
  • Not really deserving an Oscar nomination
3.7Overall Score
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On my journey to the perfect pre-Oscar score (i.e. intending to watch every darn nominated movie in the race), I came across this hidden little Bryan Cranston show.

Generally speaking, I did truly enjoy this film – as it really resonates with movie geeks like myself. All along the movie, I kept researching the different scripts, movies, characters on screen and that was quite fun. The story of Hollywood and the pre-McCarthy communism hunt in the United States is certainly an important one – the fear of being “overrun” by the communist threat and “Moscow’s spies” led to the most ridiculous actions such as blacklisting the Hollywood Ten. And what I truly enjoyed in the display of this film was how it portrayed the 40s and 50s in its nuances – it was a time before global access to knowledge, so anything you see on screen is taken for granted and thus everyone who reads or sees any anti-communist pieces automatically whiteout just hates everyone associated with it – such as Dalton Trumbo. I still have to see Good Night and Good Luck but I assume the movie to hit a similar nuance of critically re-visiting this strange period in time when the House of Un-American Activities basically deemed everything threatening and communist to ensure that people lost their jobs, homes and livelihoods.
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So let’s move on to the core of this film – the man who acts out Dalton Trumbo in such a proficient way (as it becomes evidently clear in the outtakes): Bryan Cranston. Clearly, there is nobody on earth who does not love Bryan “Walther White” Cranston – he is one of the great examples of utilizing his stellar TV performances into a reasonably good career on film. And here, he shows again his acting skills – he is cocky, pointed, intelligent, desperate, genius, repelling and he rocks an awesome stach. His performance is the centerpiece of the film and really carries the film forward which other than Cranston’s performance more feels like a (very good) HBO movie. Having said that the actors beside him all deliver a pretty stellar performance of which I mostly enjoyed John Goodman and Hellen Mirren who are both having a great time acting out their roles as Frank King and Hedda Hopper.

Now as I said, I did enjoy watching this film – but throughout the film I did think: it is not that good to really deserve a nomination for an Academy Award (even though Cranston is pretty darn good). But with the vast amounts of movies in 2015/16 under my belt, I do find this movie not particular outstanding (and Cranston’s performance for that matter) not worthy a nomination but we shall get to that in my Oscar reports.
All in all, Trumbo is a good and solid movie to watch but I would rate it more as nice little gem to catch on Netflix if it is out.

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