What a disappointing movie year this has been so far, I think I have almost not been to the movies at all. All of us TV and movie nerds can be thankful for the innovations which was brought to us through television recently. Just thinking about how much more disappointing this year would have been without Jesse and the Breaking Bad Mr.White, the intrigues and thrill of Homeland, the guilty pleasures of the non-swearing and ever-hugging Sons of Anarchy and filling my big personal gap of TV history with The Sopranos.

I can’t really pinpoint where my disappointment really came from, maybe it was the lack of looking forward the THE movie of the year (like TDKR in 2012). In fact the movie year has been so horrible that I get the shivers by just going through the list; Gangster Squad was burned so badly by almost all reviews and movie podcasts that I didn’t even bother…what a shame with this fantastic cast. The same happened to Broken City, I even got screening tickets for this one … I mean Mark Wahlberg and Russel Crowe – what could go wrong – a whopping 29% on RT apparently. The list goes on with Bruce Willis not wanting to see that he was already too old for Live Free Or Die Hard but then managed to make a complete fool of himself (and soil the Trilogy…yes in my mind it remains a trilogy) with the stupid installment of A Good Day to Die Hard. I could go on and on…


The movie year seemed to finally turn the corner with The Place beyond the Pines which I absolutely loved and 42 which was a nice enough movie to watch in the theater. The ratio of good summer blockbusters however could have been a lot better…yes we got Iron Man 3 and Stark Trek Into Darkness which were both solid franchise productions. But all these mediocre big productions like White House Down, The Lone Ranger and even Man of Steel or After Earth…so much potential and none of these really moved the needle enough for me to spend the 10 bucks for a night out at the theater. One surprise which the movie summer gave me was probably 2 Guns – where Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg are the perfect buddy movie couple.

This rant will lead to the more positive upcoming post about what I am really looking forward to in 2013….So stay tuned

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