So here is is, another year has passed…and the Oscars are about to happen again, can’t believe that I am already sharing my unwarranted thoughts about my most favorite topic for over 2 years. So anyways, this is the busy season now, nominees are out and only a few weeks later on February, 22, Neil Patrick Harris will host the 87th Academy Awards.

I personally have not watched a few must-sees of the season and it is my goal to complete the list of potential nominees for the big ticket items come the big night. Here is my list based on its priority:

1. Boyhood

A lot has been written, a lot has been said and almost everything I have heard about this movie was positive. An absolute must-see within the next month…receiving a whopping 98% on Rottentomatoes along with 6 Oscar nominations is probably the No.1 movie to see asap.

2. Grand Budapest Hotel

A tragic story on this one, rented on iTunes for movie night with the Mrs…arrived late, the lady was already half in and I was not able to get into it any more. But everything what I have seen, looks absurd, funny, innovative and just weird. Ralph Fiennes has (from the parts I have seen) delivered a stellar performance.

 3. Birdman

Try watching a (kind of) indie movie in Germany while it is only in limited release in the US … not an easy task. Luckily, I seem to have good karma, I won the ticket to be at premiere in a Munich theater this coming Monday. The great thing about the most recent trailer I watched is, that it is so random and weird that you can’t really tell what it will be about…but well with that cast and Alejandro González Iñárritu (who brought us masterpieces like Babel and 21 Grams), I have confidence that this will be a good one.

4. Whiplash

I only heard about this movie recently but just from watching the trailer, I was already highly enticed for the following reasons. I think Miles Teller is an absolute awesome up-and-coming star and will make it big – if he doesn’t go Macaulay Culkin. I absolutely loved his character in the Spectacular Now. In addition, J.K. Simmons seems to the uber-Hollywood/TV-sidekick who can play oddly funny as well as kind of psychotic (as seen in the few episodes of Oz which I saw). Anyways, this movie looks really awesome and without having watched it yet, I believe that J.K. Simmons will take home the trophy for best supporting actor.

5. The Theory of Everything

A movie entirely off my radar gained my interest by what seems to be a stellar performance of Eddie Redmayne portraying the great Stephen Hawking … from what I can tell, the movie itself seems to be a nice little love story with a touch of the Beautiful Mind – but all in all interesting enough to go and see it.

6. American Sniper

It seems that Clint Eastwood has his mojo back – after his rather average adventures with Hereafter and J.Edgar. Eastwood is back and he snuck in Bradley Cooper with a last minute ticket for best actor nomination in 2015. The first trailer – which was more of exclusive clip – already got my attention and now with trailer no.2 (as well as the Oscar attention), this is an absolute must-see. I just hope that it will be available before the actual Oscar night.

7. Still Alice

It seems that it will the duel for best female role will be a tough shootout between Julianne Moore and Rosamunde Pike. Moore has more history and probably deserves the Oscar more – looking at her movie bio. But I have to say that the performance Pike delivered in Gone Girl was nothing short of disturbingly awesome. Now I will have to see Still Alice to actually be able to judge who deserves the trophy more this year.

8. Foxcatcher

I almost don’t know why I want to see this but then I saw the trailer and Steve Carrell’s make-up is already totally worth it. For the first time, he is playing a different role than the usual kind of awkward Office-ish character. And it seems that he has totally nailed it with this one….

As usual, there is only so much you can watch, so I deliberately am prioritzing to the best of my knowledge which means, I consciously choose not to watch:

  • The Imitation Game
  • Mr. Turner
  • Selma

Luckily, I have already watched Nightcrawler and Gone Girl … which makes my list at least a little more manageable. So as you can see, I have a busy month ahead of me…and then there is also all these unnecessary other things to do, like working out, eating, going to your job … what a tough life I have.

Stay tuned

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