After some internal quarrels, I finally was convinced to get back on Dexter. After an epic Season 2, an average Season 3 and an absolutely fantastic Season 4 (mostly thanks to John Lightgow), for me Season 5 kind of was shark-jumper…thus I stopped watching it. But then the word-of-mouth at work convinced to get back.

Now I’m in the middle of Season 6 and I have to say that the villans of Season 6 are even lamer than Season 5. Edward James Olmos is just not as cool as he is Lt.Martin Castillo – maybe it’s also due to the lack of his cool stach. But all fun aside, the villan and especially his sidekick (being torn between good and evil) is just super lame and not gripping at all. I personally also don’t really think the turn of Dexter finding his faith works that well. The only highlight so far was Brother Sam…

I really hope for the promising ending and a good Season 7.

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