In order to get to know myself better, I thought it’d be a good idea to interview myself – more for the lack of a better reporter available to do such a low paying job. So erwinreviews has been on the air since 2011 now with 200+ reviews, growing day by day – let’s get behind the mask to find out who the Erwin behind actually is.

So who is this Erwin guy ?

Well, My name is Armin and the weird name “Erwin” was given to me at the age of 15 because it sounded much more ridiculous than my real name. Thus I have kept it is a nickname over the years and used it for my first personal website

So Erwin – if I may call you that – why are you so excited about movies ?

So, I have been an absolute avid movie nerd since a very young age. I forced my father to drive me over to the US-military base near my hometown Mannheim in order to be able to rent the videos in the non-dubbed versions. In a time when there were still video rentals, I would spend hours in there hoping that the little keychain thing would be still under the newest release. My first movie blog was more analog, I cut out the reviews from the TV magazines and glued them into a big binder.

Why did you start

A couple of years ago, I started to add my opinion in blurb format to Flixster and sometimes imdb after having watched a movie – but noticed that I actually wouldn’t mind writing down more about a movie. Furthermore, I was curious about playing around with wordpress – so during a night of random surfing I purchased a WP-theme and got into it.

Are you not bothered by the fact that there are millions of movie blogs out there already?

Normally, I would call myself a rather competitive person – but this is really just a hobby which I like to do for fun. While doing so, I convey my opinion, keep up my english writing and keep up with wordpress – and all the mumbo-jumbo which comes with it. It is just a fun diary.

Do you have any favorite movie blogs or podcasts? 


Glad you asked, my favorite podcast in the world is the official podcast of and it is called the /The Filmcast which you can find on all the available podcasts apps – it is hosted by Dave, Devindra and Jeff.