So people, I’m back….As the short summer of 2016 finally came to an end, there were a lot of sad faces to be dealt with including mine. But the beginning of the fall and segway into the winter also have its upsides and that is – Oscar season is upon us which basically all these awesome movies, we either did not know about or did not read about or a friend told us and we didn’t listen – all that is over. So as of today, I am mostly excited for these upcoming movies

Rogue One

Not sure if a big explanation is required here but so far all trailers make this look like yet another big hit of the Star Wars franchise. New character intros like Felicity Jones’ character seems to be a great hit – we get a hopefully big gulp of the “classic” characters mostly teased with lots of Vader shots. And with the release of the final trailer this week – I sincerely could not be more excited for Rogue One to hit theaters this December (and yes I am aware that it won’t be a big Oscar contender but it’ll still be awesome).

Release Date: December, 15 2016 (Germany)


Aside from me having a positive bias towards basically everything Amy Adams makes, this film looks like what Independence Day could be if it was meant to be a serious film. And everything what Denis Villeneuve has so far produced, this film might be the perfectly dark Sci-Fi thriller, we have not necessarily been waiting for but we will all most certainly love.

Release Date: November, 10 2016 (Germany)

Live by the Night

It is probably too early to create any kind of buzz for this film – but there are three ingredients which make this movie being highly promising:

  1. Written by Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, The Town, Gone Baby Gone)
  2. Directed by Ben Affleck (The Town, Gone Baby Gone)
  3. Starring Ben Affleck (The Town)

Well and the big common denominator is the city of Boston which goes without saying. So by past evidence, this movie has to be at least good if not awesome. The trailer looks already quite promising.

Release Date: December, 25 2016 (US)


By looking at trailer, cast and director – this is basically just cry: “Hello Academy Awards – look who’s back … ” On the one hand, we have Tom Hanks who will always deliver when it comes to these types of character performances and the other hand, we got Clint Eastwood who is dropping his annual Oscar bombshell into the marketplace with Sully – the story of the regular pilot turned superhero after saving 155 passengers after water landing US Airways flight 159 on the Hudson river off Manhattan, New York City

Release Date: December, 1st 2016 (Germany)

The Girl on the Train

After basically flying (at least for my very slow reading speed) through the book, I was (and still am) quite excited for The Girl On Train to become the Gone Girl of this award season with an amazing Emily Blunt in the lead. The first reviews are out – and well it seems that it does not even come close to reach e level of cinematic or storytelling quality of David Fincher’s masterpiece of 2014. Still, I have to admit the trailer looks pretty frigging great.

Release Date: October, 27 2016 (Germany)


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