Patriots Day

It was a matter of time until a big studio / director / boston homeboy actor picks this story up to morph it into a big Hollywood production. At first glance, I was almost surprised that these horrific events in my old hood are over three years old – what a crazy and sad week this was. Now, looking at the first teaser, it appears that the duo Berg/Wahlberg may have created a film with the perfect amount of heroism, thrill and drama. We shall see.

Release Date: December, 21 2016

La La Land

Now truth to be told – I am not a fan of Musicals BUT ever since Damien Chazzelle rocked my cinematic universe with Whiplash, he basically can do no wrong in my mind. In addition to that Crazy, Stupid, Love is probably one of my all-time favorite rom-coms (yes, guys are allowed to have favorite rom-coms) – so putting all those factors into the equation, I do believe that La La Land will be a pretty darn good film.

Release Date (Germany): January, 12 2017

Manchester by the Sea

At this point every movie season needs one amazing New England movie and there has to be some sort of Affleck affiliation with it. This season we are even getting two of these (Live by Night – see my previous post). Casey Affleck is starring in what looks like a heart-wrenching drama about an uncle who didn’t want to become the legal guardian of his nephew – and luckily that is all what the trailer is giving away (so it is basically spoiler-free) and other than that it just looks like New England, drama and amazing acting in a nutshell. Go Casey…

Release Date: November, 18 2016 (USA)


I don’t know much about this film so far – but by watching the trailer and hearing about the story of a “young man’s struggle to find himself, told across three defining chapters in his life as he experiences, ecstasy, pain and beauty of falling in love while grappling with his sexuality” looks like the surprise drama of this years Oscar season.

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